Friday, December 13, 2019

Ap World Essay Compare and Contrast Free Essays -

1 – The ancient civilizations of our past are full of mystery and information. Even though some civilizations were miles apart and in different time periods they created some things that were very similar. The Book of the Dead from Egypt is quite similar to the Code of Hammurabi which is from Babylon. We will write a custom essay sample on Ap World Essay: Compare and Contrast or any similar topic only for you Order Now Yet the Code of Hammurabi is also similar to the Ten Commandments which is from Israel but at the same time is similar to an Egyptian student guideline. Though these four things are very different from one another they are also quite similar as well. – The Book of the Dead originated from Egypt. It was a testimony in which Judgment was based on. The testimony basically explains righteousness and purity; that the individual has done nothing wrong or impure. It is the point of when Osiris makes a judgment on whether the soul should live in a heaven like place or something similar to the underworld. This is like if you do something bad when you lived you’ll pay for it in your afterlife; which is very similar to how the Code of Hammurabi is based. 3- The Code of Hammurabi originates from Babylon. It is how people were to behave. Very similar to the phrase,†An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand. † In some cases the quote is taken very literal such as â€Å"195. If a son has struck his father, they shall cut off his hand. † This was the law. 4- The Ten Commandments originated from Israel. They were very similar to laws, except these were created by the God of their religion. Though they are connected to the Code of Hammurabi by law they are also connected to the Book of the Dead. This is because in the Ten Commandments it says â€Å"13- You shall not kill. 4- You shall not commit adultery. 15- You shall not steal. 16†¦. † This in which is similar to the Book of the Dead for it promotes purity and righteousness. 5- The Guidelines for Egyptian students originates from Egypt! The guidelines emphasize to always work hard and to not be lazy. It is the expectations of the students. Even though it was written by fathers to their sons it seems like an enfo rced rule. The passage basically says Focus on your studies to aim to become a scribe. Since scribes have the most power, â€Å"But the scribe, he directs every work that is in the land! Though this passage seems quite different from the other passages there are some similarities. The expectations of the students â€Å"duty† is similar to the Ten Commandments for the rules are what is expected of them. 6- Even though time barriers and physical barriers separated the Book of the Dead, the Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments, and the Guidelines for Egyptian students they still managed to have many similarities. Some of them were connected by laws, expectations, religions, and/or dedication. Though they are different topics the concepts were all similar. How to cite Ap World Essay: Compare and Contrast, Essay examples

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